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Having all of the information for a campaign at the outset greatly reduces unnecessary revisions and communication thrash. The more information you can provide on this form, the quicker the campaign creation process will go! 

To kick-off your campaign request, please fill out the following details:

Enter your contact information as well as anyone else you would like to keep looped in. Be sure to include any special instructions for email tests! e.g. "Email please, and cc so-and-so", "I’m on the road this week – please use my mobile: 123-456-7890", "email me directly, but please include in the email tests."
How do you refer to the campaign internally. e.g. "Black Friday", "Fall Club Allocation", Rosé All Day"
What date do you need the final product on to complete internal review and team approval process?
Is there anything specific that you would like to run A/B tests on? e.g. Subject Lines, Launch timing, postcard vs longer format...
How many versions of this email need to be created? e.g. “Retail vs Club – White vs red for both retail and club – local vs non-local
Visually, what do you want the customers to see? e.g. " fall colors with leaves and thanksgiving theme. Promo at the top, shipping date reminder next, and event calendar at the bottom."
Image Content Delivery *
If you want to use specific images in your campaign, how do you prefer to deliver image content? We will confirm with submission details when we respond to your Campaign request.
e.g. "Announce Club allocation and prompt update of credit card / shipping information", or "RSVPs for our Winter Gala "
Product, SKUs, or Event Details e.g. "Winemaker's Dinner, held in the wine cave, April 10 6-10PM, 5 course meal with pairings, $150 per ticket" or "2010-2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical with Ground Shipping included"
e.g. "30% Off Storewide", "Shipping Included", "Collector's Bundle for $495". "Customize club allocation by February 7."
What url(s), email, or telephone links should we send people to for from your Call to Action buttons and copy links?
e.g.: "Feature the top selling wine bundle from last year"
Product, SKUs, or Event Details
e.g. "30% Off Storewide", "Shipping Included", "Collector's Bundle for $495". "Customize club allocation by February 7."
What url(s), email, or telephone links should we send people to for from your Call to Action buttons and copy links?
50 characters or less for Subject Lines are ideal!
Please specify what text should be included at the bottom of the email to clarify or limit offer details ONLY if our standard disclaimer needs adjustments: e.g. "This offer is valid XX through XX, and expires on XX at 11:59pm. Offer is valid online only, and cannot be combined with any additional promotions. Must type in code XXXXXXX at to redeem your discount. This offer applies to standard ground shipping only. By clicking any of the above links, you are confirming you are 21 years of age or older. For customer service, please contact us at 509.555.0000 or email us at
What audience(s) should receive the communication? e.g. "Club and Retail" or "Purchasers of the 2012 Malbec"
e.g. "Non-Openers of the first send"
e.g. "All non-purchasers" or "Everyone who hasn't clicked in this campaign"


The type of campaign determines the timeline in which we can create it. While we make every effort to meet our clients needs, rushing through campaign creation  process can cause errors and rework.

If you need to launch in a shorter time than the timelines described below, a $250 Rush Fee will push your campaign to the top of the queue and can be requested through your Account Manager.

FULLY MANAGED CAMPAIGNS are a white-glove service which handles all aspects of email campaign creation, and includes up to six audience/sending segment combinations-- often two audiences who receive three communications during the campaign, but could be six audiences receiving one communication, or any other combination that suit your purposes. FMCs require 10 business days to produce, from campaign request form submission to first launch, and delays in responses or approval, delayed delivery of required resources, or changes to strategy, messaging, or design after the original approval stage can cause additional delays. These are the stages of FMC campaign creation:

  • STRATEGY > Each product starts with a conversation to identify or refine your campaign primary goal, including featured products or offer, and any secondary messages or calls to action. We consider campaign timing and segmentation, images and other assets necessary to convey the message, and how to close the sale once the subscriber lands on your website.

  • COPYWRITING & OPTIMIZATION > After the strategy conversation, our team will put together a copy draft for your review. We are experts in creating compelling headlines and calls to action, and pay special attention to targeting the message based on previously defined segmentation strategy while conveying a clear path to conversion. Approval of copy is required before moving forward.

*Pay special attention to the colored text (Headlines, CTAs, etc), as it indicates areas that are especially challenging to change later without additional work and cost.

  • DESIGN > Our team takes your approved copy draft and any assets identified in the strategy phase to create an email design proof that has visual hierarchy, ensuring your primary goal is the most prominent and easy to act upon. We optimize the top 3rd of the email display to capture customer attention within 3 seconds. We deliver a JPG image mockup of the design for your review, you give us feedback on any changes you'd like to see, and we lock in those changes on your approval before moving to development.

  • DEVELOPMENT & TESTING > Upon approved design, our team then pushes the campaign into the development and testing phase. Our internal testing process ensures your email renders compliantly on the default settings within the top adopted mobile and desktop environments. After internal quality control is complete, you will receive a live test in your inbox for final review and approval. 

*Minor body copy tweaks can be adjusted at this stage, but any revisions which involve changing headlines, buttons, images, snipes/bugs or the general architecture of the email require rework and retesting, so will incur additional cost at the rate of $150 per hour.

  • DEPLOYMENT & ANALYSIS > When a live test is approved, our team will proceed to strategic deployment based on previously discussed elements including a/b testing and segmentation. After a campaign deployment, your Account Manager will connect with you to discuss key takeaways, including a/b test results and how to apply them to future campaigns, data benchmarking to see how your campaign performance lines up against similarly aligned brands.

CONTENT IMPLEMENTED CAMPAIGNS are a service which uses a previous campaign's winning layout and HTML architecture, but can replace image and/or copy content to refresh the message, and includes one sending segment. CIs generally have one or two messaging segments within the email. Emails with three or more messaging segments are referred to as a 'Newsletter Implementation', and have a higher cost, but abide by the same timeline and sending segment definitions as the simpler CIs. CIs/NIs require 5 business days to produce, from campaign request form submission to launch, and delays in responses or approval, delayed delivery of required resources, or changes to strategy and messaging can cause additional delays. The stages of CI campaign creation mirror that of FMCs with two distinct differences: 

  1. The updated copy is provided by the client, and we optimize it for grammar, flow, and impact. There is no approval required at this stage since the client authored the copy.

  2. The design stage is omitted since the design is already defined by the layout and look of the original campaign.

You will have a chance to make one round of minor edits once presented with the live test. Should you wish to make additional design changes beyond the normal scope of work, or add additional sending segments, those services are billed as additional hourly work at the rate of $150 per hour.

Need Help? 

Our office hours are 8am - 5pm (pacific time) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and we do our very best to respond within one business day.

If you need help with data imports or queries, system performance issues, Email Editor help, Automated Email Sequences, or other technical issues, please email

For help with email campaigns, campaign results, digital asset creation, and other creative services, please email

You're also welcome to call us at (800) 305-2821.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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