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3861 – 1st Ave South, Suite C
Seattle, WA 98134

NHW Nine Hats Wines

Sara Narbaitz  
O: 425-785-5589 

Nina Rogers
Club Manager
O: 509-526-0905

Dane Narbaitz

LEADERSHIP: Dane Narbaitz is President, Allen Shoup founder, and Gilles Nicault the Winemaking Director. Dane has final say.


  • This brand is kind of like a cool hip more approachable steampunk dandy cousin of Long Shadows. They take the juice that didn't get selected for Long Shadows to make really delicious every day drinkers at an approachable price point. Same people.
  • The tone is aims for approachable, witty, smart.
  • This is a family affair. The founder, Allen Shoup is Dane Narbaitz's stepdad. Sara is married to Dane and oversees email campaigns. 
  • Gilles is their director of winemaking. 
  • The majority of campaigns will probably be Email Editor.
  • Sara is a very organized detail oriented person. She prefers to work way in advance and have the campaign locked down and tested early. Try not to push her right up to launch, it's really uncomfortable for her.
  • Sara will send all of the bits and pieces in one coordinated email. She's a great candidate for migration to the external Campaign request form.
  • Sara does like to talk through campaigns, so often her request will come in completely buttoned up, with a request to have a quick chat.
  • Do not be crushed if your copy draft is edited. We have yet to have one make it all the way through without revision, but they are grateful to have something to edit and usually keep the framework provided.
  • Sara gets the design and first test, Dane and Nina are added when she thinks it's solid, and often there is a copy tweak or two during the testing round.
  • Occasionally Gilles and/or Allen are included on the testing round, and Sara will be explicit about when that needs to happen. Normally it's just Sara (to both of her email addresses), Nina, and Dane.
  • They do not enjoy white space and big fonts = yelling to them. They have a very symmetrical sensibility. 
  • The winery is in Walla Walla, but the tasting rooms are in SODO Seattle and Woodenville. Nine Pies Pizzaria shares the space in SODO.
  • History of epic revisions, though Sara tries to be mindful. Please underscore the need to a perfect test before approval.
  • In 2017 they launched the Nine Hats Wines tasting room in SODO, and now have a dedicated work space for Nine Hats. You'll see remnants of that launch in the Long Shadows Adestra account.
  • Julia's Dazzle Rosé is an odd product that was marketed in email for the first time in 2018, and was marketed both by Nine Hats and Long Shadows with different style skins. It's named for Allen's granddaughter, and made by Gilles.



"Launched in 2007, Nine Hats was inspired by Long Shadows’ team of nine internationally renowned vintners. A decade later, the portfolio now stands on its own, with a tip of the hat to those who first envisioned it.

In the beginning, there was one Nine Hats wine, a red blend created from Long Shadows’ declassified barrels to support the winemakers’ ongoing, strict selection process for their signature wines. The overwhelming success of the Red Wine lead to the expansion of the brand and Nine Hats has come out of the “shadows” to assemble a portfolio of nine uniquely sophisticated wines.

Today, Long Shadows’ director of winemaking and viticulture, Gilles Nicault, and his winemaking team are dedicated to producing Nine Hats.  The wines are styled for quality and everyday enjoyment."




  • Vault Key Club
  • Cellar Key Club
  • Winery Key Club


Expires: 2/2018

Product Mix:

  • FMCs
  • NI
  • CIs 

Discounts: $795 FMC

CRM: Orderport

Integration: No

Data Management:

  • They send their Master list to us for import to Master All Subscribers, usually in XLS, which we convert to Windows CSV and import for them. BE SURE TO CLEAR THE LIST BEFORE IMPORT. We clear the old data out of the list, then import the fresh list, mapping Customer Class to 'Contact_Type'. The filters then roll through and create the various dynamic club lists.
  • Sometimes they will send an email campaign specific list or an update to the existing Master All Subscribers list.

Current Projects:

  • Email Editor in the works, or as they like to call it "The Mr. Potato Head" Editor.
  • EBS in process. 
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