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Don't tolerate Weird

Weird things with ordering coffee and managing email?

I just got to the office after getting my double espresso over ice. Add some milk on top to dilute it down to a perfect concentrated latte.

You wait in line. People in front of you and behind. Some struggle to decide their order. The barista writes it down. Sometimes asks for your name and hands it over to somebody specializing in doing nothing but pumping out the caffeinated nectar. A process I love to observe and identify optimizations.

I pay with Apple Pay. All you people who hate the new chip in your card, you need to read more into Apple Pay. If you’ve ever taken an Uber, you’ve used it.

It creates a new meaning for the term Pay Phone.

I discovered this hidden secret at the Wine Industry Technology Symposium a few years back. It wasn’t well known then, circa 2015. For the vendors/stores that do support it, it’s amazing. Living in the small wine town of Walla Walla, the only store that has Apple Pay is Starbucks.

Here’s a prediction. People will be expecting thumbprint checkout through apple pay on their iphone from both brick and mortar and online by 2019, like they expect 2 day shipping for free.

If you ever experienced an online checkout like this you know why. The user experience is very fluid. Consider implementing Apple Pay to your POS and web store as soon as possible. (Looking at you vin65 and vinSuite.) Fill out a feature request with your software provider or if you’re more ambitious you can contact apple merchant services here.

Anyways, the barista was trying to be as efficient as possible.

A guy like me can really appreciate that.

I’m not in there for the process or ritual of getting the coffee. It’s not a tea ceremony. Although I do appreciate when they take their time to pull the perfect espresso shot (simple how to guide here), I’m in there to get the coffee and get back to my business.

She had everything dialed. Remembered my name, knew what I was going to order, it was already over in the hands of the specialist going through that process.

Then payment time.

You can hover your finger over the fingerprint button on the iPhone and the Apple Pay extension is initiated. You hold it next to the keypad thing and boom. Your phone vibrates and you’re all set.

There’s a system design flaw though.

The Cashier has to press one button to be able to accept credit card and another to accept Apple Pay. It can’t do both at the same time. Frustrating first world problem.

The awesome efficient cashier recognized that she had pressed the wrong button and said “oh yeah, you pay with that weird Apple Pay”. To which I replied “It’s not weird, it’s efficient”. It may sound terse, but it was a friendly exchange of two individuals striving for efficiency. I didn’t care that she had the wrong payment type selected, it defaults to credit card chip. It’s a design flaw. It should ‘listen’ for all payment types and then execute the one that exists. The software just isn’t that integrated. Yet.

If you are struggling with something that you feel is designed wrong or inefficient with your email workflow, email software or anything email related, don’t write it off and just call it weird.

Send a note to and tell us about what you think is weird or poorly designed or that you know you could be doing better.

If you’re an existing winery client using our software, we’ll work with our partners to make your email world as efficient as possible. We can also help you optimize inside your existing vinSuite or Vin65 software, too. We’ll even remember your name.

Speaking of efficiencies, for our existing clients we have a category of products called Premier Cellar Sequences that run off of Adestra’s built in Automation Program Builder.

1709SequenceCollateral_compactIconExportAsset 3@0.5x.png

You define what you’re trying to accomplish, Club Alumni Win-Back, Birthday Messages, Club Anniversary emails, Tasting Room Visit Follow Up, Increasing Average Online Order Value etc.

And we provide you with a packaged and often custom tailored solution so you can set it but not forget it, because we’ll review it on a quarterly basis for you to make sure everything is up to date and fresh.

I’m a bit jittery from this coffee.

Until another day,



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